Naeem Mohaiemen


Projects in Print

  • "Pulp: a fiction," Imaginary Archives, Rotor, Graz. 2013

  • "Bengal Fire," Paesaggio (the "Octopus" issue), Blauer Hause ed. Venice. 2013

  • "Live True Life or Die Trying," The Visual Culture Reader (3rd. ed.). New York: Routledge. 2012

  • "Kazi in Nomansland," Manual for Treason, Sharjah Art Foundation. 2011 Granta: The Pakistan Issue, 2010

  • "No Exit" (w/ Glen Urieta), Secret Identities: Asian Superhero Comics, Jeff Yang ed., New Press. 2009

  • "Take me off your database," Rethinking Marxism, Vol 19, Number 2. 2007

  • "Le Saigon Quiz," surveillance project (w/ Michikazu Matsune), Journal BOL, Korea. 2008


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