Naeem Mohaiemen

Solo Reviews

Solo Reviews

Turner Prize

Two Meetings and a Funeral

Two Meetings and a Funeral (at documenta 14)

• Tripoli Cancelled

• Tripoli Cancelled (at documenta 14)

It is not necessary to understand everything (at Tensta Konsthall)

• Volume Eleven (flaw in the algorithm of cosmopolitanism)

• Prisoners of Shothik Itihash

•  The Young Man Was (Trilogy)

• Last Man in Dhaka Central

• Afsan’s Long Day

• United Red Army

• Kazi in Nomansland

• I have killed Pharaoh I am not afraid to die

  • Frames interview, Art Newspaper, November 2010.

• Chittagong Hill Tracts in the Blind Spot of Bangladesh Nationalism

• Live True Life or Die Trying

• My Mobile Weighs a Ton

  • Sanam Amin, "Political activism is not Separate," New Age (Bangladesh), 2009

  • Zubairi, "Aesthetic Perfection Makes Me Uneasy," Shilparup (Bangladesh), 2009.

  • Nader Rahman, "Blurred Pictures & Sharp Words," Daily Star (Bangladesh), August 29, 2008.

• Visible Collective: Disappeared in America

• Muslims or Heretics: My camera can lie

  • Zafar Sobhan, "What Kind of Islam Is This?," Daily Star (Bangladesh), 6/20/04.