Naeem Mohaiemen

Der Weisse Engel

Der Weisse Engel

Suite of 5 images and text | Archival print on acid free cotton rag paper | 17 cm x 25 cm each (6.5in x 10in) | 2011

It is Lotte Palfi Andor who screams. 

The Szell of the Holocaust camps is in New York’s Diamond district

Trying to get a fair assessment of a bag of diamonds. 

An architect of waiting death stumbles onto a Manhattan teeming with camp survivors.

Like that other New York, where an insistent Volkswagen reminds us. This will always be a German car.

The “Volk” of the brand means “people” in German, but it also stretches to völkisch, or “ethnic”. Founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front, under Hitler.

At least in the 1970s there were survivors. Still alive, still remembering.

It cannot be, but it is. Der Weisse Engel.

And Lotte has seen him.