Naeem Mohaiemen

Sartre Kommt Nach Stammheim



Collage and pen on paper | 2007

The visit to Baader was at request of Meinhof, following Holger Meins' starvation death. I came as a man of the Left in sympathy with any Left-wing group in danger. But the meeting was a disaster. Within three years, all four Stammheim high-security prisoners - Ensslin, Raspe, Baader and Meinhof - had committed suicide. Sartre's Stuttgart chauffeur Hans Joachim Klein joined Carlos the Jackal to hijack the OPEC ministers meeting. Later he denounced slaughter politics (shotthyo Selucas!). To Baader, Sartre is the old left. I thought I was dealing with a friend, but they sent me a judge. Sartre's foreword to Fanon vs. fantasies of bludgeoning a working class into solidarity. Generational zeitgeist in twilight of romantic violence.